Why Home Staging is so important for the professional and efficient sale of a property;

In the U.S., the home of Home Staging, houses have been home-staged or re-designed for sale for over 30 years.

In Sweden, 70% of all properties are successfully sold with and through home staging.

Long-term studies have shown that our purchase-behavior is guided from 90 -95% by emotion and 70% by visual input, because we react to colors, smells and visual impressions alike.

Home Staging is the same principle applied to the product presentation of car or furniture sales. The packaging makes the difference!

80% of all buyers (usually the wife) decided in the first few minutes for or against the acquisition of a property. The clean and neat appearance of the property influences the purchase decision on a subconscious level.

Home staging is absolutely promotional and there is an added value. It is THE new sales promotion.

HOME STAGING MARBELLA leaves nothing to chance!

We create valuable space to show the advantages and possibilities of each property. Because space is a luxury! We increase the perceived value of the property. The harmonious, welcoming, feel-good atmosphere of a staged apartment has proved to increase the desired purchase dynamics. So every potential buyer can easily contribute his own ideas, perceptions and desires. Thus his decision to buy is a lot easier.

The brokers who have properties treated with home staging on their books, have seen the current trend and thus created a competitive advantage. This increases customer satisfaction and referral rates increase significantly.